World's Top Ranked Chilean Surfer Manuel Selman Joins Hype Energy

Posted on 28/02/2018

Manuel Selman has joined Hype Energy as he pushes for more success in 2018, joining fellow Chilean Nicolas Vargas at the brand.


Manuel Selman Hype Energy

Chilean Surfer and Pan-American Champion Manuel Selman in action.


Manuel, currently based in California, starts 2018 with the aim to progress up the world rankings and take Chilean surfing onto the world stage.


With this latest addition to its line up of surfers, Hype Energy continues to grow and further strengthen its position within surfing.


Manuel Selman Latin American Champion

Manuel Selman is a three-time Latin American champion and currently ranks # 71 in the World Qualifying Series.


At just 28 years old, Manuel Selman has managed to make history. A three-time Latin American champion and currently sitting at 71st in World Surf League Qualifying Series rankings. Besides competing and belonging to Team Chile of the Chilean Surf Federation, Manuel combines his time surfing with kite surfing, standing out with his effortless style and technique.


Selman’s sporting achievements don’t stop there: 

  • 2016 Pan-American Surfing Champion.
  • First place in the WCT World Rally Trials Curl Search in Africa/Chile.
  • First place in the Expression Session of the WCT World Rip Curl Search in Africa/Chile.
  • First place in the Prainha Air Show in Brazil.
  • First place in the Reñaca Night Air Show in Chile


Manuel Selman Headshot

The 28 year old starts 2018 aiming to take Chilean surfing onto the world stage.



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